Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Effektiv Update

When I assembled the Effektiv height extension unit last week, I also bought some tempered glass shelves for the inside of the cabinet. The assistant at Ikea couldn't find the Effektiv ones catalogued on the computer system but thought that the Rationell ones would fit as they were the same measurement. Alas, they are not the same measurement and were too short for the cabinet and so I had been unable to make use of the new storage space.

But yesterday, I returned to the store to exchange the Rationell shelf for the Effektiv one. This time the assistant located it in the computer system and arranged for someone to get it for me - how helpful! Once home again, it was a simple matter of placing the lugs into the predrilled holes and sitting the shelf on top. And then came the fun part - filling the shelves with my collection of paints and mediums.

I love that the shelf is glass - it will make it so much easier to see things!

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