I’ll be the first to admit that resin has a steep learning curve. 

Maybe you’ve already tried working with resin and find that bubbles are your nemesis. 

Maybe you just feel completely overwhelmed about where to start. 

Or maybe you're nervous about working with resin altogether! 

But don’t sweat it. I've helped thousands of students, from complete novices right through to experienced crafters, become confident working with resin and achieving the kind of resin pieces they never thought they could make.
Hi, I'm Myléne Hillam... resin expert, author and designer for the Craft and Hobby industry.

When I mixed my first batch of resin 15 years ago, I could never have dreamed that it would become my dream job! This little hobby I had found has since turned into a rewarding career.

Back in those days, there was almost no readily available information to learn from and what there was, was way too technical for a beginner to understand. So I had to learn by making mistakes. And I made plenty...

I ruined moulds because I didn't spray them with mould release...

I had resin that didn't cure properly because I got the measurements wrong...

I even had super-heated resin (very dangerous!) because I mixed too much.

And bubbles... well, I had resin that was foaming and frothing up and out of my moulds!

I wasted A LOT of money using the wrong resins for the project I was doing. And nobody can afford that!

Fifteen years on and I now consult with leading resin manufacturers and provide educational materials for them. My tutorials have appeared in print magazines and websites all around the globe. I have taught at trade and consumer craft shows, made TV appearances and led many art retreats and community resin classes.

Along the way, I refined my techniques and learned what worked... and what didn't. I made it my mission to learn everything I could about resin.

And then I realized I knew I could help others become good with resin too!

My goal is to help you learn how to work confidently with resin and make the most amazing resin pieces, no matter what you want to create:
  • resin jewellery to wear and give as gifts;
  • resin art to proudly hang in your home; or
  • resin homewares to display and use. 

Are you ready to start your resin journey off on the right foot?

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