Monday, September 8, 2008

What to do with Peel Off Sticker Waste

Got some sequin waste in your stash? Well I'm sure you've seen it used in papercrafting before - maybe you've used it as a stencil to sponge through or perhaps you've attached a piece to your work. But take a closer look at the background of this ATC. It's peel-off sticker waste - what an interesting background!

I've used up just about the entire sheet of these oriental script stickers but I just couldn't let the beautiful negative left behind go to waste. It's added a lovely lacy-ness to the background of the ATC and yet the contrast of the black-on-white adds a very strong touch.

I've kept the embellishments fairly simple so they wouldn't compete with the background.... just some fans painted with Lumiere paint and an Opals heart, all cast from Krafty Lady art moulds.

I love the result so much that I'm going to check the rest of my peel-off sticker sheets to see what other potential backgrounds there might be. I have a lace border sheet which is black (but I haven't used any of those strips yet) and I also have an Egyptian sheet which is black. Oh, that one might have potential.... and I haven't done anything Egyptian in quite a while. That gives me an idea........

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  1. Love the sticker idea & love those fans too, I bought them a few weeks back & have had lots of fun making them & painting them with twinkling H2Os. Looking forward to your fishy card class on the 20th :) .

    Robyn K

  2. Hi Robyn - just found your new blog - well done for taking the plunge. The tyvek class will be lots of fun especially as I know how much you love colour! Keep up the great work on your blog!

  3. ...and it looks fantastic as a background Mylene.

  4. Mylene, I absolutely love your Asian inspired work. keep it coming.

  5. good buddy, you did great job into creating a new one stencil board from the peel-off-sicker . . it's really well designed as published here; it's better than throwing away the wastage of anything Waste Stickers


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