Saturday, June 13, 2009

Marbled Eye Candy

Now the Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo is done and dusted I've begun to turn some of those demo samples into finished pieces so it's eye candy time! All the pieces below are made using the marbling technique and are cut out with cookie cutters. All pieces (except for the first piece) have been covered in resin for durability.

The first is a simple marbled piece which I cut into a triangle shape using a cookie cutter. I've folded a long brass filigree flourish around the front and back and secured it firmly in place. The folded section of the filigree acts as a bail and the addition of a couple of sparkly Swarovski crystals adds a nice touch of glamour.
Triangle Scroll Pendant

Here's a silver version using a filigree bail attached to the front of the triangle. The necklace is made up of twisted silver tubes threaded on tiger tail and finished and with a crystal teardrop.
Triangle Teardrop

This heart shaped piece is assembled using a Swarovski crystal headpin to secure the layers together. I've turned it into a bail and wrapped the tail of the headpin around itself to make it really secure and then covered it with a silver bead cover. You can see this technique in a tutorial on my website, Mill Lane Studio. The heart and tiny word charms are from the Plaid Fresh jewellery line. I've dangled a few crystals from the bail to add a little more colour.
Heart of Mine

This triptych piece is also made using the Plaid Fresh line. The silver metal enhancer makes a nice frame for the three rectangles which are joined together with tiger tail running through the middle and Swarovski crystals in between. The brushed silver bird and tiny word charms add some nice interest to the rectangles with a few Swarovski crystals for bling.
Believe Pendant

And the final piece is my favourite - I really love the contrast of the colours. This is a simple piece with just a marbled rectangle for the base, a bird charm from the Fresh range and some crystals for bling.
Bird on a Wire

Well I hope you've enjoyed today's eye candy. I have many more marbled pieces to make up but they will have to wait for another day!

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  1. WoW... your work is simply fabulous, Your attention to detail and the finished work itself is nothing short of amazing. This is the kind of work that takes Friendly Plastic to an art form. I am so pleased I decided to browse through your blog and website. What a way to start my day, truly a feast for my eyes. We have got to work on some projects together. My mind is swirling with ideas.

    Hugs and Smiles, Jana

  2. Thank you Jana... that means a lot coming from you as I truly admire your work.
    Even though our two styles are totally different, I can see that your work has had an influence on mine!
    I would love to work on some projects with you - what do you have in mind?


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