Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sydney Papercrafts Festival - Come Play with Me

You might have noticed in my sidebar that in November I will be demoing at the Papercrafts Festival in Sydney for Stamp Antics. Well, now I have an update to that: last week I got word that I will also be teaching classes so since then I've been busily working away on the class samples.

These are all quick, 1 hour classes so if you're coming to the show for just the 1 day then you won't miss too much time from the show floor if you do a class. On the other hand, if you're coming for the 3 days of the show you might like to do all three of my classes as each one is different. And with Christmas not too far away, these classes will give you a head start on your Christmas card making.

Class 1 is creating with Kutalicious mirrored Christmas shapes. You'll make a card and gift in one! The decorations on the front of the card are actually earrings so you'll also learn some basic jewellery making techniques.In Class 2 you'll get to play with Friendly Plastic. Don't worry if you've never worked with it before as this is a beginners class so you'll learn all the basics. You'll learn how to marble, how to texture and how to cut Friendly Plastic, plus you get to use two different softening methods in this class.And the third class is working with Krafty Lady Art Moulds. To see this image, please visit the Sydney Papercrafts Festival website. In this class, you get to mould with Delight air dry clay and learn how to blend Lumiere paints so that they merge seamlessly from one colour to the next. It is a simple, but elegant card.

Check out the details of each class on the Sydney Papercrafts Festival website. If you'd like to book into one, give Stamp Antics a ring (07) 3393 3022 as the show organisers are not taking bookings. Make sure to bring along the class essentials. Please ask Stamp Antics for the list as these items are not being provided - only the materials used in class are.

I'm really looking forward to coming to play in Sydney and I hope you'll come join me.

Until next time, keep crafting.....

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