Saturday, January 15, 2011

Amethyst Spiral

At last, here it is... my final Christmas holiday project..... a twisted spiral rope bracelet kit. I thought this would be the most difficult of the kits I'd bought because it looks so complicated but I think it was actually the easiest! There are really only two simple steps in the pattern; string on the beads, count back 4 beads, and stitch back up through those four beads. That's it... there isn't any more to it and once you start, it comes together really quickly. I think it took all of one hour from start to finish, including adding the closure.

I really enjoyed this project and of all the kits I've done, this one has definitely been my favourite - I can see myself incorporating this into a future jewellery project.

Working on these simple bead weaving kits over the last few weeks has not only been enjoyable but it has also given me a few new techniques to draw on in the future. You've gotta love it when learning = FUN!

'Til next time.....

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  1. Ooh, I love that. Can I ask where the kit came from???

    Hope you're high and dry up there.


  2. Thanks Chris. Yes, thankfully, we are up high and dry.
    The kit is from Bead Shack in Gerringong NSW (02) 4234 1197. I get a lot of my findings from them too because they guarantee the finish on them.

  3. I enjoyed your words too much. It's really an inspiring blog! The above picture is so beautiful. I love Amethyst Beads too much and would love try for the same as shown above. Thanks much for sharing this.


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