Friday, August 10, 2012

What is that Finding?

On my recent visit to Michaels, I found some rather unusual looking ring settings in the jewellery section. These adjustable rings from Cousin Corp have what looks like a stirrup on the top but it's actually a bail with prongs; just the perfect size to hold a Trinkette bead.
But it was actually some Crystazzi bling that caught my eye and a quick and easy project was born.

This project is so quick that you will go from this......
........ to this, in not much more than 10 minutes!

This ring finding is really easy to use. Just place your selected bead inside the bail so the bead hole and prongs are aligned and then pinch the bail together.

To bling up the ring base, glue on some coordinating Crystazzi flatback crystals. Make sure you use a suitable crystal adhesive to attach the individual crystals up the arms of the ring

Use tweezers to help you place the crystals.

I stopped at two columns of 4 crystals so that it would still be comfortable to wear on your finger.

And there it is.... a quick and easy ring with a good dose of bling!

'Til next time.....

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