Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Ray of Sunshine - My Yellow Bead Drawer

Everyone has a system for organising their bead stash whether it be by colour, shape, type, or material, and it's usually influenced by the way they design and the kind of jewellery they make.

For me, I like to keep my go-to beads organised by colour - these are the beads that support the main element or focal point of the design. I also have a separate storage areas devoted to just crystals, one to pearls and gemstones, another to resin/acrylic/plastic, and yet another to large holed beads. There are of course more.... but you get the idea. This system works well for the way I design.

But recently, I was looking through my bead collection and noticed a glaring gap in the rainbow of colours that makes up my bead stash: I have practically no yellow beads!
From limey yellow to mustard, to amber.... I'm on a mission to fill my yellow bead drawer with yellows in every shade.
I keep my beads organised using the Best Craft Organizer furniture system which I can customise to suit my needs.

Yellow is such a cheerful and uplifting colour. It sings with happiness.

And whilst it can be a bit overpowering on it's own, when it's combined with other colours it can really lift them from the doldrums. In Autumn and Winter, the richer amber tones fit well with fiery reds, chocolatey browns, gold and brassy metals.
Pressed Czech leaf beads in muted autumn tones look wonderful against soft brassy metal filigrees.

Yellows can work with silver too.
Cheery yellow and silver tones work well together.

The bright clear shades of yellow look fabulous with brown.
I love the bumble bee look of these striped beads... it's like they're bees visiting the lucite flowers!

But they work equally well with the fresh colours of the Spring palette as well as Summer brights.

So I'm making it my mission to fill this yellow drawer with as many yellow beads as I can find. Here's some of my recent finds.
From limey yellow to mustard, to amber.... lots of new yellow bead strands to fill my yellow bead drawer.

Translucent bead strands in limey yellow, mustard and amber.

Let's have a look at that drawer now.
Almost full, the yellow bead drawer has an assortment of yellow and amber beads

There's still a way to go but at least it's now starting to look like I have some good basic yellow beads to work with. To fill those empty gaps I'm going to keep my eye out for some focal beads to boost the collection. It will soon be like a ray of sunshine when I open that drawer!

'Til next time.....

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