Thursday, June 27, 2013

Woven Leather Ring

In my last post, I shared with you that I'm officially writing a book and consequently I have been super busy making the projects and playing with all sorts of different ideas and techniques to bring you the very best leather jewellery designs that I can.

Not every project will make it into the book, not because it isn't good but maybe because it doesn't fit with the style of the other projects or maybe because it's a bit simple.  This one fits into that category but I wanted to share with you how easy it is to make.
Terracotta coloured suede lace woven leather ring

This ring is a very small fit because of the bulk of the lace. For a larger ring, create your coil by wrapping 20 gauge wire around a tube which is approximately 6mm (1/4") larger than the size you want the finished ring to be. You will also need to increase the length of lace you are working with.

Here's what you'll need for this project:

How to Weave the Ring

You can make this ring as wide as you like - mine is 4 coils wide. Cut the memory wire with memory wire shears because the steel wire will ruin your regular wire cutters. Cut 56cm (22") of Sof-Suede lace. Starting at one cut end of the coil, weave the lace over and under the coils leaving a tail of 5cm (2").
Threading the suede lace over and under the coils of the memory wire to get the weaving started.

Keeping the lace flat, wrap the lace around the outside coil (so that the back of the lace is now the front) and then continue weaving over and under until you reach the first coil.
Second row of the weaving is the opposite to the first: where the suede lace went under the coil on the first row, it goes over on the second row.

Continue in this fashion until you have woven the lace all the way around the ring. It's a little bit tricky keeping the coils apart for the first few rows but try to keep them as evenly apart as possible so that your ring is the same width all the way around. I've pushed my weaving up tightly together but you if you prefer, you can leave them further apart for a more open weave.
The suede lace has been woven all the way around the ring until there is room left for just one more row.

Finish the weaving with one lace ending at the first coil and the other lace ending at the last coil. Wrap the laces around the first and last coils.
The last row is woven and there the starting tail is on one side and the weaving cord is on the other side.

Trim the end of both laces to a point.
 The leather lace is trimmed to a point

Thread the ends through one of the outer loops to secure. Glue in place for added security and then trim away the excess. 

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If you love this easy leather jewellery project then look for my new book,"Stylish Leather Jewelry". You'll learn how to twist, roll, fold, and recolour leather to make leather jewellery that would look at home on the fashion runway!

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