Friday, July 24, 2015

Take a Virtual Tour Through Mill Lane Studio

Are you like me, always looking for new or better ways to store your craft supplies? Isn't it interesting to peek into the studios of other creatives to see how they organise their supplies? It's fun to see how they decorate their space and see what storage systems work for them - after all, organising is a neverending task. Don't you love it when you glean a little storage or organisation tip that might help in your own crafting area?
The BEST Craft Organizer system is excellent for storing beads

Today, I invite you into my studio so you can learn some of the little tips that keep all my supplies organised. Cut Out + Keep take you on a virtual tour of my workspace whilst I talk about the trick that makes my studio look clutter free and how I store my supplies to keep them under control. I can tell you it doesn't always look so tidy but it does function well as both a studio and a classroom. I hope you'll find some helpful tips for keeping things in order in your craft space. But if nothing else, enjoy the pretty eye candy in my studio. I hope you find it inspiring!

I would love to hear about your storage and organisation ideas too. Please leave your comments below or better still, show us a picture of your work space.

'Til next time.....

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