Monday, July 11, 2016

Gold Vermeil Earrings

These elegant dangling earrings will add a touch of golden glamour to your evening wear. The lentel-shaped beads dangle gracefully from delicate chains allowing them to move and catch the light, accentuating the lovely soft gold vermeil finish of the beads. Vermeil beads are a little more pricey than gold base metal beads but I'm sure you'll agree, they look fabulous!
Golden vermeil lentil earrings dangling from fine chain

Here's what you'll need to make these:
6 10x4mm gold vermeil lentil beads (mine are from Feeling Inspired)
6 gold head pins
11cm (4 3/8") fine gold chain
2 6mm gold jump rings
2 gold earring wires

String each of the beads onto a head pin and turn a 90° angle with flat nose pliers.

Use flush cutters to trim each head pin to 1cm (3/8").

Line the cut end of the head pin in the round nose pliers so that it is flush with the jaws and rotate your wrist inward as far as you can comfortably turn it. This forms the first part of a simple loop.

Reposition the head pin in the pliers so that you can rotate your wrist again to complete the loop.

Cut two pieces of chain, each of the following lengths: 13mm, 18mm and 23mm (1/2", 5/8" and 7/8")

Set one of each length of chain aside for the second earring. Open the loops you formed in the previous step sideways and slip on a length of chain.

Hook the other end of each of the three chains onto a jump ring with the longest chain in the middle and close it.

Open the loop of your earring wire and hook on the jump ring. Make the second earring to match.

Wow, that was quick! A gorgeous pair of earrings in no time at all!

'Til next time.....

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