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Sunshine and Happiness in a Bracelet

No colour says happy quite the way that yellow does. It's like a ray of sunshine that brightens up your day. Throw a daisy in to the mix and it's sure to make you smile.

This cheery yellow bracelet is happiness personified: a crisp yellow daisy and a chain of golden yellow dangles that dance playfully against your wrist - it's like a breath of fresh air.

It looks time consuming to make all those bead charms, right? Wrong! This bracelet is actually quite quick to put together. By using a pre-strung strand of beaded chain, you don't have to prepare the charm dangles - all the hard work has already been done for you.
Floral yellow bracelet with a curved tubular bead and a pre-strung strand of yellow beads

Here's what you'll need for the bracelet and coordinating earrings:
5cm (2") curved floral tube bead
Traditions Shell and Leaf Drop strand (Hobby Lobby)
2 15mm yellow lampwork flower beads (use a substitute if you can't find these)
22g gunmetal Artistic Wire
2 10x12mm brass cone bead caps
2 brass head pins
5 4mm brass jump rings
Velour tubing in any colour (to fit inside tube bead)

You'll also need flush cutters, flat nose pliers, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and scissors.
Strand of pre-strung yellow beads and charms and a tubular ceramic bead with yellow sunflower decal

Insert the velour tubing into the tube bead. Leave an overhang of 10mm (3/8") at one end and then cut the other end with a 10mm overhang. Remove the tubing from the tube bead.
Insert a thick velour tube inside the curved tubular bead to fill the hole

Cut an 11cm (4.5") piece of wire. Insert it into the velour tubing, allowing it to extend beyond the tubing 10mm (3/8"). String a cone bead cap on the wire.
String a bead cap on the end of the stringing material to act as a bead stop

Bend the wire at a 90° angle.
Bending the wire at a 90° angle to form a loop

Turn a simple loop.
Turn a simple loop that will connect the components together.

String the tube bead back on the velour tubing.
Stringing the curved tubular bead on the velour tubing

String the second cone bead cap. Check that it sits firmly down on the tube bead without any movement. If necessary, trim the tubing to fit. Bend the wire at a 90° angle, trim to 10mm (3/8") and turn a simple loop.
Bending the wire at a 90° to secure the bead and bead cap in place.

Open the loop and string on one end of the bead strand.
Open the loop of the eye pin and hook on the beaded chain.

Place the bracelet on your wrist and check for fit, taking into account the length the toggle clasp will take up. Once you have determined the length you need to trim the strand to, trim it and then separate it into two equal lengths. Attach the ring of the toggle clasp to the last link of the strand by opening the last link as you would a jump ring. Close it again securely.
Connecting the ring end of the toggle clasp to the beaded chain with a jump ring

Open the other loop of the tube bead and attach the other piece of the bead strand. Connect three jump rings together and attach them to the last link of the strand, then attach the bar part of the clasp to the last jump ring.
Sunshine and Happiness bracelet featuring a curved ceramic bead with yellow daisy decal, and a chain of dangling yellow beads.

If you have enough of the strand left over, use it to make a pair of matching earrings.
Using the rest of the pre-beaded chain to save time making matching earrings

String a flower bead on a head pin and bend it at a 90° angle.
Bend the wire above the flower bead at a 90° angle

Trim the end to 10mm (3/8") and turn a simple loop.
Form the wire into a simple loop above the flower bead

Open the centre link of the remaining piece of the bead strand and separate the strand into two equal lengths. Set one aside for the second earring. Open a jump ring and hook on the end link of the strands and the loop of the flower bead.
Connect the flower bead to the beaded chain with a jump ring.

Open the loop of the earring wire and attach the top link of the bead strand.
 to the top of Connect the earring wire to the beaded chain by opening the loop of the earring wire sideways.

Make a second earring with the remaining components.
Sunflower bracelet with pre-strung yellow, beaded chain.

Now you've made your bracelet (and matching earrings!), go out into the world and spread sunshine and happiness!

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Cheery yellow charm bracelet inspiration sheet

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