Friday, November 20, 2020

What Can You Colour Epoxy Resin With

If there's one thing Covid-19 has taught us, it's that we have to be patient with the mail service! If you've been sitting there waiting for a delivery of resin pigments and dyes to arrive, then this article is for you!
Row of resin rings made with eyeshadows, artist's chalk, food colouring and nail polish alongside their corresponding items

I always recommend that you use colourants that were designed specifically for resin, especially when you're first starting out because resin pigments and dyes will always give you the most reliable results.

But with extensive shipping delays, you'd never get that first resin jewellery project underway if you had to wait 10-12 weeks for your colours to arrive. 

So rather than sitting around waiting for your supplies, why not get started straight away with this fun solution! 
Colourful resin cabochons lined up in front of two boxes of epoxy resin

As I mentioned, resin dyes and pigments give the most reliable results, but there are some unexpected colourants that will also work. In fact, you probably have some of these items already lying at home!

So let's take a look around the house to see if you've got any of these common household items. 

From the pantry

  • Saffron powder
  • Paprika
  • Gel food colours (but not vegetable dye food colours)

From the Bathroom Cabinet

This is a great way to use up old make up you no longer wear!
  • Eye shadow palettes 
  • Blush                        
  • Loose powder
  • Nail polish
Tip: Crush or scrape those little cakes of shimmering colour into a fine powder.

A row of spice bottles, face powders and nail polishes with their corresponding cup of resin in front
Kitchen spices, powder foundation and eye shadows, and nail polish are fun things to colour resin with

From the Toy Box

  • Sidewalk chalk - crush them up into as fine a powder as you can because they are quite coarse.
EasyCast resin package alongside a row of spice bottles and beauty products in front of a domed piece of resin coloured with that colourant.

From Your Art & Craft Supplies

  • Artist's soft pastel chalks - scrape them with a sharp blade or knife to make a fine powder
  • Mica powders: Pearl Ex, Perfect Pearls
  • Alcohol Inks - Piñata, Adirondack
  • Acrylic paints (use sparingly or the resin won't cure properly)
I bet you had no idea that you could use so many everyday items to colour resin!

Note: I tested these alternative colourants in two different resins and they gave the same results:
But your resin might give different results, so always test the colours in a small batch first.

Now let's see some actual pieces of resin jewellery made from some of those colourants:


You can have a lot of fun with these common household items AND stretch your existing colour range at the same time - and that's great for your budget too. And the bonus is, you get to use up old items that you had lying around unused in your cupboards! 

And if you're really budget-conscious, how about asking your family and friends to donate their old makeup and nail polish to you, too. Then you can have a lot of colouring fun on the cheap!

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Crazy Cool Resin Colouring Ideas Inspiration Sheet featuring resin rings coloured with household items

Happy Resining!

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