Monday, May 12, 2008

Hawaiian Sunset!

I've been playing with the Core'dinations cardstock again this weekend to see how else it could be used and as I rummaged through the Hocus Pocus pack I noticed that there's a nice range of colours in this collection graduationg from dark pinks, to light pinks, salmon and a couple of shades of yellow and thought this might be something interesting to work with.

They looked rather nice together but they didn't blend together as well as I'd hoped. But then something wonderful happened...... I tore the edge of the deepest pink and a much softer shade was revealed. The same thing happened with the other four colours I'd picked.... each one revealed its much softer core colour once I tore it. And when they were all laid out together, I had beautiful sunset colours to work with.
This was just the look I'd been after!

It reminded me so much of the sunset, that I decided it would work well with something tropical. This is one of Krafty Lady's newest art moulds, AM352 Frangipani and you get 2 different sizes on the mould to work with (this is the larger one). I made the casts from Opals embossing powders and a little bit of Dandelion Fantasy Film and then embellished it with some bits and pieces from my stash.

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  1. You know what annoyed me with the Core'dinations, is that the colours on the label on the pack is not the same as the actual colours inside. I had matched a mould with colours on the "label" and when I opened the pack, it didn't match, but you have given me HOPE!!! Maybe when I tear it it'll look nicer!
    Also there's the way colours have a tendency to change, depending on what colours they are next to!
    LMK how your class(es?) went today!

  2. Hey France. I just discovered that the core colour in the Black Magic Collection is the colour of the strip across the top of the card. Duh! It even says so, but I'd never noticed it before!


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