Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Look what Kristine the Krafty Lady found on the Paperific website!

That's me demoing on her stand at the Trade Event at Paperific last year. I travelled down to Melbourne especially for the event (and it was a blast). Excuse the tired and weary face though - I caught the red-eye from Brisbane early that morning and only arrived in Melbourne in time to do the set up. I'd brought along many of the samples I'd made for Krafty Lady over the past year for display around the booth and my good buddy France in WA had sent across a lot of her samples too. I've admired her work from afar so it was great to see so many of her pieces in real life. Between us we had almost completely covered the walls of the booth (except for that one wall at the back of the photo!) and it looked pretty fab.

There were also many samples that were displayed on the table I was working on. See that tiny little patch of space in front of me - well, that's about all I have to work with in my studio at home too.... I really wasn't blessed with the tidy gene!

The Trade Event was only held on the Friday so that gave me a spare day in Melbourne to do as I pleased. How to spend it?!! Well, that was pretty easy..... Kristine had just released her new bangle and ring moulds and I had the opportunity to do her resin jewellery workshop to learn all about how to mould with resin and her new moulds to make fabulous bangles just like you see in boutiques. She holds these workshops regularly and it was great to learn how to make them first hand. I have some samples on my website that I've made since the workshop and you can see them here.

Well that was the morning taken care of but I still had a few hours before my flight back to Brisbane.... so what better way to fill the time than return to Paperific and browse amongst all the retail booths. Paperific really is a great show and for me as a Brissie girl it was great to see a whole host of different retailers to the ones I visit regularly in Brisbane and I was able to pick up a few things I've had on my wishlist for a while.

It was wonderful to see so much buzz and excitement around all the booths at the show. Stacey does a great job putting these shows together. So good in fact that she now puts on two Melbourne shows each year! But what I really wish is that she'd bring her Paperific events back to Brisbane!

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  1. Wow, cool!!! I hadn't seen those pics, how very neat!! Thanks for sharing :)


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