Friday, August 15, 2008

Dazzling (Faux) Opals!

I've been playing with the small donut mould from Krafty Lady (AM183) this past week. Look how versatile it is: one donut, three different pieces of jewellery.

This is a gorgeous piece to wear - a mixture of glass beads in turquoise and black and a few silver Bali beads - a great colour combination! The long length of beads is threaded through the donut and then I added a beaded tassel to each end - lots of movement when you wear it!

The next piece I worked on is a bracelet using three donut pieces.
I found this great twisted silver chain at Michaels and the rings were the perfect size for connecting the donuts. It didn't need anything else - the bright silver chain is the perfect counterbalance for the dazzling donuts. This piece is much nicer in real life. Here's a closeup which shows the dazzle a whole lot better:
And the third piece I created is a simple beaded necklace.
This time I chose some black AB bicone beads which I've threaded on Beadalon Elasticity. I didn't want to use a bail for this piece so I attached the Elasticity using a larks knot and then threaded on the beads. You can see the Elasticity quite clearly in the photo but it's not even noticeable when it's worn. It's almost like the donut is just suspended at the bottom of the beads - very cool!This is such a versatile mould and these pieces could just as easily be made from polymer clay for a totally different look. I just love this mould!

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  1. I love the chain - very cool!

    Sara Hardin

  2. Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE that chain too! I spotted it in Michaels when I visited the US earlier in the year. I haven't seen anything like it here in Oz and I only have a small amount of it left so it's absolutely precious to me :)


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