Monday, March 2, 2009

Newsflash! Brisbane Paper Crafts Festival is on!

Newsflash...... Newsflash...... Newsflash!!!

You may not have heard yet, but it's back on!

Yes, that's right... Brisbane Paper Crafts Festival is now being run by Dekota Marketing who are breathing new life into the event with the intention of returning the show to its former glory. And it's less than two weeks away, from 13-15 March 2009!

With such a short lead up to the event, I've been working overtime to get class samples ready and I've designed a couple of cards with very interesting, textured backgrounds.

At this stage they're not yet listed on the official website so I've included the details below. Once booking information is available I'll post it here, so check back again later or check the show website.

Friday Morning Class (repeated Saturday afternoon)
From Trash to Treasure!

Recycle, Re-use and Repurpose is the motto of this class. We will take an ordinary cardboard box, paper scraps and Lumiere paints and turn them into a card which is a work of art! Using an unusual household product we’ll create a wonderfully textured background ready for painting. And to complete your masterpiece, you’ll learn the secrets of successful casting with Krafty Lady Art Moulds.
Tools required:
Craft mat, craft knife, White glue (such as Mod Podge), ruler, pencil, old paintbrush for applying glue, small flat or round paintbrush, Pritt Power Gel and double sided tape.
Friday Afternoon Class (repeated Saturday morning)
Bubbled Tyvek - Flower Power
Learn a new technique using an unusual paper called Tyvek, an ultra strong, heat sensitive paper. We'll use its heat sensitive nature to our advantage as we create an interesting, bubbly background painted with Lumiere paint. You'll learn how to apply paint to the Tyvek so that one colour merges seamlessly into the next to create a blended effect and also learn how to cast your own embllishments using Krafty Lady Art Moulds.
Tools required:
Craft mat, scissors, Helmar Silicone adhesive (or other strong glue), Pritt Power Gel, small flat paintbrush, double sided tape, ruler, craft knife and pencil.

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