Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Safari! (More Friendly Plastic Jewellery Tiles)

This week the wilds of Africa have been calling and I've been exploring some other design ideas for Friendly Plastic tile jewellery ..... this time, dramatic black and white.
My black and MOP sticks are still on the endangered list so I'm preserving my dwindling stocks of them. No worries! I've improvised and used the black and white backs of coloured sticks as the front again. This is a great way to use up surplus colours but just make sure that you sand away the metallic finish so that the plastic is exposed - it will give you much stronger bond when attaching one layer to another.

To create the pattern, I heated each 3" stick with the heatgun until softened and then pressed an uninked stamp into it. Next, I plunge the stamp and plastic straight into cool water for about 30 seconds so that the stamp releases easily from the plastic (make sure your stamp is unmounted if you're placing it in water).

I used Pinata inks to paint the depressions because they have both a black and a fantastic white - yes, white alcohol ink - in their colour range. So the black tile is painted with white and the white tile is painted with black and then I cut and assembled the pieces together checkerboard style. Doesn't it look like a zebra print?

The background of this piece has been impressed with a Cuttlebug embossing folder which I then highlighted with Silver Rub 'n Buff to bring out the texture.

For the next piece I cut some trapezoid shapes from both the black-on-white and white-on-black sticks and I attached these to a 7" black stick and shaped it into a cuff - I really love the contrast of this piece!

I'm still so amazed by how economical Friendly Plastic is - these two pieces of jewellery are all made from just three 3" stick and one 7" black stick (which is the base for the cuff) and there were leftover pieces large enough for another pendant which I haven't completed yet, but that's a project for another day!

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  1. This is fine art and the designing of the card is impressive. You are talking about Pinata inks so what is this..The back round of the nice i don't know about Pinata inks.


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