Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Wishes

Easter Sunday is now just a couple of days away so I wanted to share this card with you. This card might not be religious but it is symbolic of many of the Christian beliefs for the Easter season. In the Christian Church the colour purple represents expectation, purification and penance so it is very much the colour of Easter. And what could be more representative of life than a nest of eggs.

Lots of lovely texture here - firstly the wreath and then also the flattened, twisted paper rope. Even the background paper (an oldie but a goodie) adds lots of depth and layering without adding any more bulk to the card.

The wreath is made from twigs and creepers I gathered from the garden and I also added a little bit of raffia and very fine wood wool which was rescued from some packaging. The wreath really sets off the little clutch of eggs. They were cast from Delight air dry clay and a Krafty Lady art mould (AM235 Oval Pattern) and then painted in soft pastel shades using Lumiere pearlescent paints. Don't the little ovals make wonderful eggs?

It all combines to make a really pretty card from nature signalling the new season and new life.

I hope you enjoy Easter and take a little time over the break to reflect on the meaning of the season. And, of course, I do hope that the Easter Bunny (or the Easter Bilby!) leaves you some chocolate eggs to munch on.

Happy Easter to you all!

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