Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's in a Colour?

Have you ever had beads that left you unsure as to what colour metal you should use for your findings? Ever wondered how different a piece of jewellery might look if you chose gold instead of silver? Well I have. Some beads look just as good in one colour as they do in another. Take the following for example.

After making up my ugly duckling beads into a necklace (see yesterday's post) I still had a few beads left over so I decided to make the beads up into a necklace using gold findings and here's how it looks...........

Quite lovely - the gold warms up the beads rather nicely!

But then I had some doubt..... would it look better made up in silver? So I pulled it apart and replaced the gold findings with silver.......

Not bad either - lovely and cool looking - silver really brings out the red in the beads.

And for comparison, here's yesterday's necklace in copper. These beads were a little more copper than the second batch so they worked quite well with copper findings but I'm undecided on the gold and silver. At first I liked the necklace in gold but then I preferred it in silver. What do you think?

These three necklaces are all made using the same basic design and only the metals and complimentary beads have been changed, and yet they all have a very different feel about them..... isn't it amazing how the metal can change the look?!!

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  1. I understand your dilemma...I've had the same one numerous times in the past. I must say...i do like the way the silver makes the beads pop...makes a dynamic necklace!! I really love the warmth of the gold tho...so I am torn!!! LOL...not alot of help!!


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