Saturday, July 4, 2009


This week has seen the end of the financial year come around and there has been no time in my schedule for play - I've been getting rather fidgety without my regular fix of creativity! And even though today is Saturday, I had a full schedule of classes, so there was still no time for play.

But....... tonight I'm off to a Masquerade ball and I don't yet have a mask to wear.

Now normally, this would have been enough to send me into a panic, but tonight, I am cool, calm and collected because when I arrived home after my classes today, my wonderful husband had a very basic silver mask waiting for me - perfect for the dress I am planning to wear.

But with just 10 creative minutes in hand, there was just enough time tizzy up the mask before we had to leave for the ball.

First step........ raid my stash for some basic items that I think will work with the dress I have chosen to wear: a smoky blue jersey sheath. I chose some white paper flowers, some fabric flower sprays and a sheet of adhesive rhinestones.

Step 2 - arrange the flowers along the top of one side. Layer smaller flowers for texture and add rhinestones in each centre.

Step 3 - Tape the fabric flower sprays in place along the inside edge of the mask so they drape nicely and then cut away the excess wire.

Not bad! It all came together in just a few minutes and it worked really well with my dress.

My wonderful husband also bought me a lovely grey, pleated wrap to drape around my shoulders as the wind has been very breezy in Brisbane the last few days and the nights have become very chilly.

OK, I'm set...... we're off to the Masquerade!

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