Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Colours of Nature!

A few days ago I shared a couple of resin bangles from my Colours of Nature series and I promised more..... so here's a bit of eye candy!

How's this for eye popping? It was inspired by the intense colours of sunset as the sun has just slipped below the horizon with beautiful orange, pink and deep purple clouds floating in the sky.

You can almost here the palm trees swaying and the water gently lapping on the shore.
Tropical Sunset

And for the next one, I've headed into the orchard where it's oranges, lemons and lime - a very zesty bangle!
Citrus Garden

This one was inspired by my mandarin tree which is laden with delicious, sweet mandarins at the moment - the fruit looks so tempting as it nestles against the deep green leaves. And whilst the fragrant blossoms from spring are now long gone, that wonderful citrus fragrance has replaced it...... can't you just smell that citrus tang?

Moving on from winter fruits to summer ones, this is my take on watermelon.

Cocooned inside that mottled green rind is the sweetest summer surprise. Mmmm..... mouth watering, juicy flesh ready to quench your thirst on a hot summer's day. Can't you just imagine biting into a slice of cool watermelon and delighting in its sweet, juicy pulp?

The last one for today is bright, bright, bright - the colours of hibiscus flowers..... a very troppo bangle!
Tropical Fantasy

If you like these bangles and are interested in adding one to your accessory collection, why not drop in to my website: Mill Lane Studio where all these and more are available for purchase.

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  1. Love the colors in citrus garden! Beautiful!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous Mylene. I love the colours and the patterns. One of them seems to look like you have set champagne in resin it looks like it is full of tiny bubbles and I think that is very clever. I need to visit your blog much more often!


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