Friday, August 14, 2009

Friendly Plastic Radio interview

CHA is a true showcase of the craft industry and it provides a meeting ground for every facet of the industry. As you walk around the booths on the show floor you will see many video taping segments going on. These usually feature well known designers and craft personalities who are taping TV segments and videos to feature on both TV and the internet throughout the coming months.

So on to highlight number 2 for me from this Summer's CHA show. It was certainly an unexpected one!

During the show, the lovely Linda Peterson (designer behind the The Art of Friendly Plastic blog) launched the first Friendly Plastic Blog Talk Radio Show and I was amongst the invited guests. Now I can tell you, this was a nerve racking experience. Having never done a radio interview before I wasn't quite sure how this would work and found myself jumping my cues to speak several times. But at the same time it was an exciting prospect as I was joining well known designers Lisa Pavelka, Michelle Zimmerman (check out some of her designs which have been turned into Krafty Lady art moulds) and Helen Bradley on the show.

We were all invited to talk on the show about Friendly Plastic and what we had spotted on the show floor that could be used in association with Friendly Plastic. The show was rounded out by input from Dawn Sandoe (AMACO Vice President) and Becky Finch (AMACO New Product Development division) on some of the new products soon to be introduced into the Friendly Plastic line. Here's a peek at some of the colours being considered - notice the holographic ones. I can't wait until these are released!
Image courtesy of Linda Peterson

Linda was also joined by the multi-talented Jen Lowe who chatted about incorporating Precious Metal Clay into your Friendly Plastic creations. You can see a couple of the pieces that they created by combining the two materials on the Friendly Plastic blog - spectacular!

It was a real hoot being part of this show. You can listen to the show here on Friendly Plastic Radio. It runs for about an hour and is packed full of interesting information. Why not join Linda for the next show which is scheduled for Wednesday 2/9/09, 5.30pm Central Time. Don't worry if you can't make it though as it will be available in the archives later on.

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