Monday, November 23, 2009

Complementary Colours

Whilst finding new places for things in the studio (yes, I'm still unpacking..... and reorganising), I came across a few pieces of marbled Friendly Plastic which I hadn’t coated in resin yet. And as I’ve been casting with resin a lot lately I thought it was high time they got coated. So today I’m sharing a Friendly Plastic necklace with you.
The colour combination in this piece is a little bit unexpected – blue with shades of orange – opposites on the colour wheel.

Complimentary colours are always striking when used together but when you use variations of those colours (like peach and apricot with blue) they will play off against each other without competing. And so it is with this piece…. together the colours give off a lovely warm glow.

I’ve teamed the Friendly Plastic heart with glass beads and vintage lucite flower in similar colours to the oranges and pinks and finished the necklace off with rose-gold findings. I really like the softness of these colours.But when it came time to name this piece I was completely stumped. So I enlisted the help of my daughter who pointed out that the colours were very Egyptian – blue, terracotta, gold and turquoise – and the marbled pattern looked like a chevron. Hmmm, yes they are indeed, but I hadn’t seen that at first glance. She started playing around with words and came up with the name “Egyptian Lily”. Yes, I like it…… so, Egyptian Lily it is!

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  1. Very pretty and an unusual colour combo using the peach.

  2. Oh my Mylenne
    you have been busy and what fun to go to CHA.I love Jen Lowes work deserve to be with those other designers that is for sure but I would have been so nervous too.I really need to try my Amaco bead roller out...if I have any friendly plastic left to try it with.


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