Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Kimono Fold Pocket

Are you looking for a quick but personalised and inexpensive gift for someone special? Perhaps this tutorial will give you some ideas.

I'd like to show you how I make a Kimono pocket from an A4 sheet of paper.

Place the paper in portrait position, pattern facing up.
Fold in half taking, the top to the bottom.
Find the centre point along the fold and then fold the right and left hand sides into the middle to form a roof shape.
Open the page up again and turn it over. Re crease the diagonal folds so that they are mountain folds. Push the first fold (which is a valley fold) inwards so that the diagonal folds form a roof shape. Fold the right hand side (front only) across and crease. The distance away from the point will be decided by the item that will be placed in the finished pocket. Fold the left hand side across to the right and crease. You need the two folds to be equidistant from the point. If the left hand flap overhangs the right hand fold, then fold the excess behind it.
Fold the bottom up approximately 1cm (front flap only). Fold the back right flap (bottom layer) across to the left. The crease should be approximately 5mm to the right of the first one so that you create the kimono crossover. Before repeating with the left hand side, fold up the bottom flap as you did earlier.Fold the left hand flap across to the right. The crease should be approximately 5mm to the right of the first one so that you create the second side of the kimono crossover.If there is any overhang tuck it behind the bottom flap on the right hand side.
And there you have it, the basic Kimono Fold Pocket.
I completed mine with a bookmark but you could also slip in a gift card or even some money for a neat little gift.
And here's another sample.

This one was folded from plain copier paper which I've inked and stamped.
This full version of this tutorial will be available for download from the Tutorials page on my website in a couple of weeks time. In the meantime, check out some of my other pdf tutorials.
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