Monday, May 3, 2010

Silver Candy Choker

On a recent bead shopping trip I came across some bright silver, metalized ceramic beads. Like all things shiny, they immediately attracted my attention but they were rather expensive and without a clear plan in my head as to how I would use them, I passed them by. But as I wound my way through the shop, I kept finding myself back at the table these little beauties were on and I decided that that was no coincidence - a little voice inside my head was telling me that I should take them home. Luckily, I listened to that little voice and I don't regret it for one moment.

There's a 3 step process to making these beads. First, the ceramic beads are fired. Then they're dipped in copper and fired again and finally the silver coating is applied. It's a long process but the resulting beads are just gorgeous!

On that same shopping expedition, I found a lovely selection of glass cane beads in shades of pink, orange and red. By now an idea was starting to in my head as to how I might use these metalized ceramic beads. Such stunning beads called for something simple.And this was it: a choker which put the metalized ceramic focal bead on show - simple but eye catching.

This is another piece that is for available for purchase in my Etsy shop. I hope you'll stop on by and check out my other items.... perhaps you'll find something that takes your fancy!

I'm working on some more Friendly Plastic pieces tonight which I'm looking forward to sharing with you later in the week.

Until then,

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