Friday, August 27, 2010

cork noticeboard transformation

I had a guest join me in my studio yesterday - my lovely daughter! She was in a crafty sort of mood (a good mood to bring with you into my studio). She also brought with her a cork board for her room that needed some dressing up and some fabric and ribbon that she liked.

Covering a cork board is a simple project but to secure the fabric to the cork board it was going to take a staple gun and we were both a bit apprehensive about using one as neither of us had used one before. We broke out into a chorus of nervous laughter at the thought of Macauley Culkin and Home Alone!

Nervousness aside, we cleared away a table and spread everything out. The first task was to drill holes for the eye screws so that she could hang it when complete. This part was super easy - I certainly don't feel nervous using my trusty little battery-operated drill. I really loooove this tool and next to my jewellery pliers and Cuttlebug this would be the most used tool in my studio! I measured and marked out the holes so that we'd know exactly where to find them once the frame was covered with fabric.Next, she cut the batting a little larger than the corkboard and began to stretch it over the frame........ and then it was time to come to grips with the staple gun.

Well, loading the staple gun with staples was easy..... phew! Then, time for the first staple. After lining the gun up against the edge of the frame she squeezed the trigger and....... Kapow! the first staple went in.Wow, that was easy! Actually, that was fun! So, staple, staple, staple she went, all the way around the frame. By the time she had all the batting secure she was really getting the hang of it. OK, now it's time for the fabric. Staple, staple, staple. Hmmm, using a staple gun is a breeze..... what were we worried about?!!

Next, she trimmed away the excess fabric.........
...... and then, screwed the eye screws into the pre-drilled holes ready to attach the hanging wire.And finally, she secured the coordinating ribbons in a criss-cross fashion using thumbtacks. Voilà, all finished and ready to decorate! We were both very pleased with ourselves for having tackled the staple gun and triumphed. I can see that there will be plenty more projects to tackle using the staple gun in the future. Look out fellas, that's another tool from the tool shed that's gone forever!

Happy crafting!

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