Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas crafting finally arrives at Mill Lane Studio

It has been a while coming, but Christmas has finally made an appearance in my studio!

My studio is a very functional space and I try to keep as clutter free as possible. But at this time of the year as we are counting down towards Christmas, I thought it would be wonderful to bring a little Christmas cheer into it. So I'm starting with something requiring little effort but that will add a nice festive touch to my workspace. The plan here is to display some of my favourite Christmas cards to help bring some cheer into the studio.This is a quick and easy project: All you need is Designer Dries Clear from Art Glitter Institute, chipboard snowflakes from Maya Road, some metallic pegs and glitter in your choice of colours.Apply the Designer Dries Clear to one of the snowflakes
Pour glitter over the whole shape. Be generous with it so that you get solid coverage.Use a needle tool or toothpick to dig it out of the pile of glitter and give it a light tap to remove the excess.Allow a few minutes for each snowflake to dry and then apply adhesive to the back. I'm trying out the new Pritt All Purpose Glue here. I am a big fan of their Power Gel but now that it's discontinued I'm testing out the replacement product. I'll keep you posted on how it performs once I've had a chance to test it on different surfaces.
Attach the snowflake to the peg.
And there you have it - a glittery snowflake to hang cards from.
And here's the finished garland. It's draped just above my monitor so I can see it as I type away. Now that's much better!
I have more Christmas crafting to come soon.

'Til next time.....

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  1. Fab idea and on that note, you've motivated me to actually finish making my Christmas cards that should have been made AGES ago!

  2. Ah but Sara, you have such a GOOD excuse to not be organised yet. Hope you and the little one are keeping well.

  3. This project is great, thanks for posting it and participating in the FaveCrafts blog hop! Our next blog hop will be January 15 and we hope you’ll participate again. Your project will also be featured in a special newsletter that goes out to 850,000+ readers. Thanks again!



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