Saturday, February 19, 2011

Curious, and Curiouser

I stopped by the AMACO booth at CHA and had a chance to watch Michelle Zimmerman in action with Cloud Clay - the wonderful air dry, light as a feather (or is that light as a cloud) clay that is non toxic, non greasy and has a pleasant smell.

Michelle is well known for the wonderful, whimsical creatures she creates and she invited me to have some fun with this creature and tell her what I wanted him to look like. She already had him underway when I joined her so we had a good base to start with. As you can see, he started out looking like a snail.

Michelle and I were throwing around some ideas about his features and between us we decided he should have purple eyes. No, actually, we decided on just one eye - he should be monocular. And so we named him "One Eyed Pete". Oh, we were having such fun with this imaginary creature!

We thought he still needed a little something and we settled on a single purple horn, like a unicorn. And as quick as a flash, Michelle had modelled his features and attached them. One of the great things about Cloud Clay is that you can stick moist clay to dry clay and it will stick. How neat is that!

He's a rather curious looking creature though, isn't he?

By now, One Eyed Pete was really taking shape, but Michelle didn't think he was quite finished and that's when the magic happened: He began to morph into Curious and Curiouser; first she modelled him a little saddle and carefully placed it on his back.

And then she created a little jockey - a mouse-fish! He was a unicorn too! Michelle is a picture of concentration here as she places the mouse-fish in the saddle. And that 's how Curious and Curiouser, aka One Eyed Pete came into being.
Michelle says Pete came from my imagination but I think Curious and Curiouser may have just escaped from the pages of Alice in Wonderland! This whimsical creature accompanied me home and now sits cheerfully on my computer desk. Thanks Michelle!
Next I moved on to the make and take table and joined Helen Bradley as she was taking everybody through the simple steps of how to make these very cute cupcake earrings.

Remember when I said how light Cloud Clay is? Well, that makes it perfect for earrings. They're so light you can hardly tell you're wearing them. I can tell you that this was one very popular make and take and I spotted lots of crafters wearing their very own cupcake earrings on the show floor.
Helen suggested a coat of Glossy Accents to protect them so that's what I did when I got home. And now I think they look good enough to eat!

This is such a great project that not only did the adults love doing it but it would also be a hit at a girls birthday party. I can tell you all the Mum's would want to get in on the act too!

Hope you find lots of time for crafting this weekend.

'Til next time.....

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