Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Operation Remodel

My challenge this week has been to overhaul the pieces of jewellery my Mum left with me on her last visit. It has been an interesting and varied challenge.... I've revamped and updated a flowery 70s necklace, I've redesigned a minimalistic magnetic jewellery set to give it a bit more impact and now I'm going to breathe some life back into a broken garnet jewellery set.

I've started this redesign by trimming away the earring posts from the two earrings making sure that they're flush with the frame so there are no sharp, exposed edges to cut on your skin. The component from the ring base needs more work though because there is a rough edge where it's broken off from the ring. Luckily it's not sharp but it will need some filing to neaten it up on the back.

Now the challenge begins: how to marry the jewellers store look with the handmade look and yet keep it looking elegant. I want to give it a lot more substance so that it doesn't look like it's been bought at the jewellers.

So to go with the three components, I've added hollow glass beads in gold and red, some crystal-set sliders and a few red crystals linked together with chain.

I think I've achieved my goal. This piece still has an air of elegance - in fact, I think I'd even call it glam. But it no longer has that "I came from a jewellers" look. Don't get me wrong; I love nothing more than wearing fine gemstone jewellery but there is a place for costume jewellery too and this is now a piece that my Mum will be able to wear to the sort of functions she attends these days.
I'm really excited to hand these remodelled necklaces back to my Mum and I'm sure she'll love wearing them because they've been designed to suit her tastes and style.... I think I'll call this collection "Haute Bijoux".

'Til next time.....

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  1. Oooh! These are gorgeous! I think the "remodel" is amazing! Love the elegance... but as you said, totally different from the jewelry store look and I say... in a very positive way! Love it!

  2. Very, very nice! I do the same thing with my daughter. She returns pieces for me to re-design. I love the challenge and she loves the new piece.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer. I agree, different from the jewellery store look but in a positive way. Thanks for your comment. :)

  4. I love the challenge of a remodel too, CW. It's a great way of breathing new life into a piece!

  5. Another lovely piece,made by a lovely lady.I
    I'm sure your mum will love it.
    Karen A

  6. Thanks Karen! Those are mighty nice words. Great class on Saturday. Hope you'll join me for the next one... we'll be working with Kashmiri beads!

  7. I love how you repurposed this jewelry to make the finished piece which is great!



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