Monday, March 26, 2012

A Rope in Progress

I was pretty excited with my beading kit purchases from the Bead Shack at the Brisbane craft show on Friday - I couldn't wait to get started on them. At first, I was having trouble make up my mind which one I should tackle first but after reading the packaging, I discovered that each one was marked with a degree of difficulty. What a nice little touch. And how perfect: I had bought one which was easy, one which was intermediate and one which was advanced. Three different kits, and three different stitches!

So now it's pretty obvious which one I should start with: the spiral rope! The packaging says this is herringbone (N'debele) stitch which I haven't done before so I'm excited that I'll be learning a new stitch.

I'm glad this was the easiest because I bought it to wear with a colourful maxi dress in colours that are way out of my comfort zone: yellow, brown and orange! I don't have a thing to accessorize with that colour palette and I've found it difficult to team it with anything in my purple, pink and burgundy wardrobe successfully. But this just might be the solution. Now I'm getting excited to finish it.

An evening in front of TV with a needle and the bead kit and I've made good progress.... it only needs about 5cm more I think. It is definitely what I'd classify as an easy project - one that you can do without too much concentrating and so it's perfect for in front of the TV.
I'm anxious to finish it so I can see whether it will go with the dress or not. Hopefully, I'll finish it tonight so I can share pics with you tomorrow.

'Til next time.....

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