Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spiral Shell Rope Necklace

When I look at beading projects and see the many thousand seed beads that make up these designs, it always makes me think how time consuming these projects must be. But not this one! I whipped it up in a couple of evenings in front of TV and without making a mistake along the way. Now that's the perfect kind of project for a busy girl!

The only hitch I had was when I broke a bead as I forced the needle through it one too many times. Luckily, it was right near the clasp and it's not visible in the design or I'd have had a bit of unpicking to do!

Anyway, here is the finished necklace and the dress it was made for.

The dress is a mass of swirling colour.  As I said, yellow, brown and orange are colours that I don't feel super confident in, but with the pinks and blues swirling amongst the autumn palette I think I can pull it off.

I'm not sure about the necklace though. When I bought it, the shell pendant looked brown inside the packaging but in the daylight it is as black as black can be. I had picked this pendant from amongst all the others because it looked brown.... just like the dark brown in the dress.

It's not that they look bad together, but I just think I can find something that works with it better so I'll keep looking until I'm happy with what I find.

'Til next time.....

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  1. Perhaps it' s just that I'm looking at your image on my phone, but I think the black of the shell is bringing out the black in the dress quite nicely!

    1. It definitely does. But when I wear it with that gorgeous pinkish-brown belt, it doesn't quite look right. I'm working on a couple of other ideas.... surely one will work!


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