Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bangles for Halloween

You might remember these retro side circle bangles that I cast a few weeks back.
Orange and black resin bangles with flat spots

In that post I told you that I had a little plan for them and today is the day to reveal that plan.

The flat circular areas on the side of the bangles is ideal for gluing on embellishments and these disks which I cast in a paint palette with EasyCast epoxy resin are the perfect fit.

Once they were cured, I glued them on with Araldite 5-minute epoxy for a really strong bond. You can see how to mix 5-minute adhesive properly in this post
Attaching resin domes on the flat spots of the resin bangle

Such a simple but eye catching result and with Halloween just around the corner, the colours couldn't be more perfect.
Orange and black spotted resin bangles.

If you're using a paint palette or other plastic as your mould, don't forget to give it a spray with mould release first or the resin will become a permanent fixture in the bottom of the palette!

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Pumpkin Glitter Resin Bangle

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Group of spotted and glittered Halloween bangles

'Til next time.....

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  1. These turned out so super cool. I especially like how you made the orange dots with the black backs that seem to blend seamlessly into the black bangle.
    As well, thank for the reminder about the mold release. I just had some incidents last week after forgetting to use it. Oopsie!

    1. Thanks Hope. They were inspired by some really cool "eyes" that I saw on the blogosphere one day. Just wish I could remember where that was though 'cos I'd love to give the creator credit.


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