Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Retro Style - More New Bangle Moulds!

Today the sunshine is streaming into the studio and the bangles perched on the window ledge are bathed in a lovely warm glow.

Sigh..... makes your thoughts turn to summer! And that's a timely reminder that it's time to turn our attention to spring and summer fashions.

Bangles and rings are great accessories to bring last year's summer wardrobe up to date so today I'm working with some new bangle and ring moulds that have a retro feel about them. Mod, retro, neon and colour blocking are all buzz words in fashion at the moment and they can easily be translated into resin jewellery.

And if ever there was a match made in heaven, it would have to be retro and resin. I mean, what could be more retro than a resin bangle!

A little while ago I showed you some very hip square and eclipse bangles and the retro wedge ring and today I'm working with the Classic Wide bangle, the Retro Pyramid ring and the very groovy Retro Side Circles bangle.

It's amazing how different techniques can make a bangle look totally different. This first one is marbled in shades of purple giving it more of a vintage look reminiscent of pearlised lucite.

But given the colour block treatment, it looks much more retro.

BIG is in this season and the retro pyramid ring certainly fits that description. With it's non symmetrical facets, it's a real statement ring.  It's big and bold.... especially in neon!

You can get a better idea of the size of the retro pyramid from behind.
"Retro Side Circles" has flat disks around the outside of the bangle which catch the light. I see lots of possibilities for embellishing this bangle and I'll show you what I have planned for them in another post.
There are 7 flat circular areas around the outside of "retro side circles"

There are now over 20 different bangle and ring designs to choose from in the Resin Bangle and Ring workshop. And they are all available for use during the workshop - a sort of try before you buy option! You'll learn how to make your own retro resin accessories - it's fun and satisfying and they make great Christmas gifts too!  For further details and bookings check out the workshop page at Mill Lane Studio.

'Til next time.....

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