Friday, April 19, 2013

What to Do When You Don't Mix Enough Resin - 3 Great Tips to Fix it!

Sometimes when you're mixing resin, you underestimate how much resin you need and don't measure out quite enough resin to fill your mould. Disaster! Right?

Well, you can make sure that this never happens to you. This video shows you one method to work out the volume of your mould.

But what do you do if you have miscalculated how much resin you need? Here's 3 ideas to try!

1. Top the mould up!
Mix more resin and try to match the colour. It's really hard to colour match but you might get close enough that no one will really notice the colour difference when you're wearing the bangle.

Chunky pink carved bangle that has been topped up with a slightly lighter pink resin to fill the mould

2. Use the colour blocking technique.
Top the mould up with a couple of contrasting colours of resin so it looks like you meant it!

Striped resin cuff in cream, pink and berry
Or you could do what I did with this one and work with what you've got!

3. Half-fill the Mould
The thing is, you don't always have to fill your mould to the top. With simple shaped bangles (with a flat surface) like the cuff below, you can get away with underfilling the mould.

Here's a bangle cast from one of my cuff moulds. It's a substantial 33mm across the widest part of the bangle.
Mandarine orange resin cuff

And here's another bangle, cast in the same mould, made by only half filling the mould.
Half-width resin cuff bracelet in marbled mint

It measures just 19mm across the widest part!

You can really see the width difference when they're alongside each other. 

Looks totally different, doesn't it!
Narrow mint resin cuff and wide orange cuff alongside each other

So it's not always a disaster when you don't have enough resin to fill the mould. You will have some extra trimming work to do to put the shape back into the top of the bangle but it makes your mould much more versatile when you can cast it in a variety of widths!

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