Monday, July 8, 2013

Guest Blog Post for Cousin - Elfin Earring Wires Tutorial

I'm the guest blogger over at Cousin Corp this week.  I hope you'll wander over to take a look at my post on how to make elfin or almond-shaped earring wires.

If you're a regular reader of my blog or if you've ever bought one of my tutorials, you'll know that I like to give you LOTS of step-by-step photos so that you can see exactly how to create the project at hand. So I've included another couple of design ideas below which didn't quite fit the space constraints of the blog post.

These pearl earrings are referred to as "ear wires 5" in the article. The bead is threaded on to the head pin before being turned into an earing wire. It's such a sleek but elegant look without a loop on the earring!

And these are referred to as "ear wires 2" - they have a longer tail and a shorter loop section so the point of the earring wire won't poke you in the neck.

Cousin are currently hosting a series of guest blog posts from jewellery makers around the world so don't forget to check out their blog each Friday for a new dose of inspiration.

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