Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Replace the Jaws on Nylon Jawed Pliers

My book deadline is inching closer every day and it's time to begin photography of the step-by-steps. I've done the test photos to make sure the lighting is good and I've got all the settings right on my camera and my publisher has approved them. But it's amazing what detail the macro lens picks up.

Apart from my hands being under the microscope (I see a manicure in the very near future!), so are my tools. And it's quite apparent that I have loved them almost to death. Take a look at my nylon jaw pliers to see what I mean....
Nylon jaw pliers with hacked up nylon sleeves

Luckily, just like my hands and nails, my nylon jaw pliers too can have a makeover! Here's how you do it.

Just undo the screw with a screwdriver
Unscrewing the screw with a screwdriver

Replace the old nylon sleeve with a new one .....
Sliding the nylon sleeve onto the pliers

 and screw it back in with a bit of pressure so that the screw penetrates the nylon.
Using a screwdriver to replace the new nylon sleeve onto the pliers

And that's all there is to it - brand new pliers to straighten out all my kinked wire!
The nylon jaw pliers with the replaced nylon tips.

Want to see this in action? Watch the video below:

Now, next makeover on the agenda is my hands. It's time to book that manicure!
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Nylon Jaw Pliers Tip Replacement Tip Sheet

'Til next time.....

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