Monday, April 13, 2015

Lacey Black and White Resin Coaster

Since decorating my studio in black and white earlier this year, I've been on the lookout for a white crocheted doiley to turn into a resin coaster. In keeping with my theme, I wanted to embed the doiley in clear resin and then fill the back of the mould with black resin. But when I stumbled across a black doiley, I got so excited - this would add such an unexpected twist to the project!

Sadly, that black doiley was just a little bit too big for my coaster mould. I was disappointed to abandon the idea of a black-on-white coaster and continued my search for a smaller white doiley.

But last week, I came across a black die-cut pvc coaster and the idea was reborn! So instead of using a white doiley on black resin, I'm using a black doiley on white resin.... cool!
Square drink coaster made with a black pvc doiley embedded in clear resin against a bright white background.

Here's how this project took shape.

This is what I used (to shop for any of these products, just click on the item):
After mixing enough Easy Cast epoxy resin to cover the bottom of the mould, I let the resin sit on my bench for about 5 minutes before working with it.

Bubbles rising to the surface of the mixed resin where they can escape

This gives the bubbles a chance to disperse (one of the great benefits of using EasyCast is its self-degassing nature!). Now it's time to fill the bottom of the mould.
Bubbles have dispersed from the resin

I like to leave the first layer to cure overnight so I have a really firm surface to work on. Then I mix a second, smaller batch to embed the coaster in.  
Black Doiley embedded in resin layer

After this second layer reaches gel stage, I colour a third batch of resin with white pigment......
 Mixing another batch of resin to fill the mould

.....and pour it over the clear resin to fill the back of the mould.
Pouring the white resin layer on top of the black doiley to fill the mould.

If you use a plastic mould, it will be a full 24 hours before you can remove the cast from the mould and you'll need to spray it with Mold Release. But if you're using a silicone mould like I have, you'll be able to demould in half that time. This is a huge bonus if you're impatient like me and can't wait to see the result. Just keep in mind that the resin still needs up to 72 hours to fully cure.

Here's another look at the finished coaster:
Resin Doiley Coaster

What wonderful contrast! I am absolutely thrilled with how the coaster turned out - it will look fabulous on my desk!

But maybe black and white's not your thing. You can buy the doiley coasters in a variety of colours:


Here are some other colour combinations I tried:
Square turquoise resin coaster embedded with green doiley

Black square coaster embedded with magenta doiley

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Lacey Resin Coaster inspiration sheet.

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Happy Resining!

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