Friday, January 8, 2016

How to Clean Glitter and Mica Powder from Silicone Moulds

When the resin bug strikes, you just want to get right into the casting. But if your moulds are grubby, you'll have to clean them first. So here's a really smart tip for keeping your silicone moulds in tip-top shape and always ready to go.

When you're working with resin, it's important that all your equipment is clean so that you don't risk ruining your casts with contaminants. Clean cups, clean stir sticks and a clean workspace are all important.

But what about your moulds? How do you clean glitter, mica powders and general specks of fluff and dust from silicone? Resin is like glue and anything that is in the mould when you pour the resin in will become part of the resin when you demould it.

But cleaning moulds is EASY when you know this trick, even if your moulds looks as dirty as this!
Grubby silicone mould with dust, fluff and glitter.

The front of this mould is just as bad.
Grubby silicone mould with dust and fluff.

Just take a piece of sticky tape and place it on the surface.
Pressing sticky tape onto the mould.

Rub your finger across the tape.....
Pressing sticky tape onto the silicone.

And then remove it. And voilà! All the specs of glitter and dust will lift right off. 
The silicone mould is clean where the tape has been used.

Do the same on the front of the mould. Do this in the cavity of the mould too.
Cleaning the front of the mould with tape.

And now you have a perfectly clean mould ready to cast in.
Cleaned silicone mould is dust-free and ready for use.

Here's a look at the before and after. What an amazing difference!
The before and after of the silicone mould

This trick is so quick and easy and is much more effective than cleaning with water. You'll never try any other method again.

Watch me clean mica powder off a silicone jewellery mould:

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The easy way to clean your silicone moulds project sheet

Happy Resining!

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