Thursday, December 8, 2016

Quick and Easy DIY Holiday Earrings - With Video Tutorial

The year is racing along but it's never too early (or too late) to make some fabulous holiday earrings to dress up your festive outfits. 

This is a SUPER FAST Christmas Earrings project that you can whip up in no time. If you've got 20-30 minutes, then this project is for you!

These eye catching earrings might look complicated and time consuming... but they're not! 

The secret to these quick earrings lies in the wire that's wrapped around the beads. The spiral looks difficult to create but bead cages come already formed so you just slip the bead inside. How cool is that?!! 

Snow white Christmas earrings with a faceted tear drop crystal dangling below and large white glass pearl in a wire cage, attached to a frosted white star.

Watch me as I make these gorgeous White as Snow earrings in real time (yes, it really does take only 5 minutes per earring!) and then follow the step-by-steps below.

Finished length: 5.6cm (2 ¼”)
Time to complete: less than 30 minutes
Degree of Difficulty: easy

Here's what you need:
·           Two 14mm off white glass pearls
·           Two 15mm silver bead cages (these are similar but you'll need to flatten the loops)
·           Two silver head pins
·           Two silver eye pins
·           Two silver ball end earring hooks

Designer Tip: 
Can't find the exact beads and findings I've used? 
Try changing up the colours and bead sizes to put your own spin on the earrings

White beads and silver findings for White as Snow earrings

String the tear drop onto the head pin. Grip the head pin with the chain nose pliers and bend it above the pliers at a 90° angle.
Bending the head pin above a clear crystal with the chain nose pliers

Position the round nose pliers in the neck of the wire and form a loop. Make sure that the wire crosses over the front of the loop.
Creating a simple loop with round nose pliers above the teardrop crystal

Wrap the tail of the head pin around the neck two or three times and then trim away the excess.
Creating a wire wrap around the neck of the loop

Open the coils of the bead cage using both hands.
Pulling the bead cage apart

Insert the bead into the cage. 
Slipping the glass pearl into the wire bead cage

If the bead holes don’t line up with the cage ends, work them around by inserting the tip of the eye pin in one end and manoeuvring it into position. String the caged bead and the star (from the bottom).
Insert the eye pin into the glass pearl inside the wire bead cage

Bend the wire above the point of the star at a 90° angle. I prefer flat nose pliers for this step because they give you a sharper bend.
Bending the eye pin at a right angle above the star bead

Turn a simple loop.
Form a simple loop above the star bead with the round nose pliers.

Open the bottom loop of the eye pin and hook it through the wrapped loop.

Attach the earring to the earring wire and close the loop. Make a second earring to match and you're done. 

Wow....Christmas earrings in under 10 minutes!

The next step...

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Happy jewellery making!

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