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Black Diamonds Bracelet - How to Make a Woven Leather Cord and Rolo Chain Bracelet

Make this really classy looking bracelet using leather cord and rolo chain. This weaving technique is really easy to do and can be as simple or as fancy as you like: Use a length of diamanté braid down the middle to add some extra sparkle (cupchain would work well, too!) or use multiple pieces of chain in place of the braid to weave through.  For added sparkle, this bracelet also has a diamanté slider as the focal so it could even be worn for a big night out.
Sparkly bracelet made by weaving leather cord through rolo chain and diamanté braid

Here's what you need to make this design:
One 34mm diamante set black metal donut slider bead (with two loops) – available from
Two 6mm gold jump rings

Tools: chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers, wire cutters, scissors, ruler

Cut two 16cm (6 ¼”) lengths from the chain. Set aside the remaining links to finish the bracelet.

Fold the cord in half to find centre and thread on the first link of each chain, sliding it to the centre.

Threading leather cord through the end links of rolo chain

Thread the right hand cord through the third link on both the right and left hand chains.
Weaving the leather cord through the second set of links on the chain

Thread the left hand cord through the third link of the left hand chain and across to the third link of the right hand chain so that each cord has now passed through both the third links.
Weaving the other cord end through the second set of chain links.

Cut a strip of imitation rhinestone ribbon braid two cups wide and then insert it so that it is sandwiched between the two cords. Leave an end of at least 2.5cm (1”). At this stage, your work will be a little messy but it will sort itself out as the weaving progresses.

Take the right hand cord and pass it through the fifth link on the right hand chain, under the imitation braid, and through the fifth link of the left hand chain.
Adding the diamanté braid inbetween the chains.

Take the left hand cord and pass it through the fifth link of the left hand chain, positioning it on top of the first cord. Pass it over the braid and through the fifth link on the right hand chain. Adjust the cords so that the chain and braid sit nicely between the cords.
Weaving the two cord ends over and under the braid

Continue weaving the cord in this manner until you have made seven complete loops. On the eighth loop insert the right hand cord through the right hand loop of the diamante set slider (from the outside) and then through the chain link.
Stringing the focal onto the cord and through the chain

Then continue to weave the cord as before. Repeat on the left hand side with the left hand cord but instead of passing the cord over the imitation braid, pass it underneath the braid.
Stringing the second side of the focal onto the leather cord

 On the back it should look like the photo below.
Back of the weaving showing how the focal is secured.

Continue weaving until the bracelet is the same length on both sides of the diamante donut slider. Adjust the cords along the length of the bracelet until you are happy with how it is sitting.

To finish the bracelet you will need five chain links at the beginning of the bracelet and either 3 or 5 chain links at the end. If you cut your 16cm (6 ¼”) chain lengths with an odd number of links, you will need 5 links. If you cut them with an even number of links, you will need 3 links. To open and close rolo chain links, you will need to work with flat nose pliers and grip the links with the length of the pliers to prevent them from sliding around on the link. Once you have removed the links attach them to the beginning of the bracelet: attach the first link of the 5-link chain to the first chain link in the bracelet. Open the last link of the 5-link chain and connect it to the first link on the other side of the bracelet. Repeat for the other end of the bracelet where you will use either 3 or 5 links.
Bracelet with 5 extra links attached at one end

Insert the two cord ends through the next hole in the chain to the back of the bracelet, tie the two cords into separate knots close to the last link on each side of the bracelet. Place a dab of adhesive on the knot to secure it and then trim away the excess cord.

Apply adhesive to the cut ends of the imitation braid and fold it over the last full loop.
Folding over the excess braid.

Feed it under the loops on the back to secure it and then trim away the excess. Repeat on the other end.
Cord ends knoted and trimmed close to the end of the bracelet.

Open the two jump rings and hook one through the center link at each end of the bracelet and hook on one half of the magnetic clasp before closing it again.
Attaching the clasp.

Now that you've attached the magnetic clasp, you can easily put on and take off the bracelet without any help!

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