Tuesday, August 6, 2019

15-Minute Studded Leather Bracelet - Easy Peasy Braiding

Just because you're short on time, doesn't mean you can't make jewellery. This smart bracelet proves that even the most time-poor among us can still find time to craft! It uses pre-studded faux leather lace and the simplest and easiest weaving technique so you can whip up the braid in no time. Add some ribbon crimps and a clasp to the ends and you can be wearing this bracelet in around 15 minutes! You can buy studded faux suede in a large selection of colours so you can make up lots of these bracelets to suit all the outfits in your wardrobe.
Braided bracelet stack made with studded faux suede lace

Here are the materials you'll need:

Faux Suede Studded Lace in your choice of colours (I used 2 dark purple with white)

Tools: Fold over clip, nylon jaw pliers, chain nose pliers, scissors

Prepare the Laces

Cut three 23cm (9") lengths of faux suede lace in your choice of colours. Align the ends and clamp them in the fold over clip.
Three laces secured in fold over clip

Anchor the fold over clip. I used a giant spring peg memo holder because it is quite heavy. A drawer handle or door knob would also work.
Fold over clip anchored in a giant peg memo holder

How to Weave a Flat, 3-Cord Braid

The flat 3 cord braid has just two simple movements: Right lace over centre, followed by left lace over centre. This simple weave moves the laces from right, to centre, to left, and then back to centre and finally to it's starting position. This is the set up of the laces. The numbers should help you follow the pattern.
The 3 laces lined up in a foldover clip. Photo shows them numbered 1, 2 and 3

Begin by crossing lace 3 (on the right) over lace 2 so that it now sits in the centre. Lace 1 is still on the left hand side.
Crossing the right hand lace over the middle lace.

Cross lace 1 over lace 3 so it sits in the centre. Lace 2 has now become the lace on the right hand side.
Passing the left hand lace over the middle lace.

Pass lace 2 over lace 1 so it sits in the centre. Lace 3 is now on the left hand side with lace 1 on the right hand side.
Crossing lace 2 over lace 1

Keeping your tension even, continue the pattern: passing right to centre, left to centre until you reach the end of your cords.
The finished braid

Assemble the Bracelet

Trim the end laces so that they are even.
Trimming the ends of the laces with scissors

Place a ribbon crimp over the end of the laces.
Positioning the ribbon crimp over the end of the braiding

Use the nylon jaw pliers to close the crimp firmly over the three laces.
Clamping the ribbon crimp with nylon jaw pliers.

Place the bracelet around your wrist to check for length.
Measuring the bracelet on your wrist

Cut it 2.5cm (1") shorter than your wrist measurement. This will be taken up by the clasp and findings.
Cutting the bracelet to length with scissors

Clamp another ribbon crimp over the cut ends of the laces.
Clamping a second ribbon crimp over the cut laces

Open a jump ring and connect the loop on the ribbon crimp to the lobster clasp.
Placing the lobster clasp on the jump ring

Attach the extension chain to the other end of the bracelet with another jump ring.
Attaching the extension chain to the bracelet

Now, make them up in all sorts of different colours and stack them on your wrist!

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Dark purple and white studded faux suede bracelet inspiration sheet

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