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DIY Wedding Jewellery - Lustrous Pearl and Crystal Earrings

A sparkly necklace can make your special occasion outfit look stunning. But when you add some coordinating earrings, it can bring your whole look together! These elegant pearl and crystal earrings go perfectly with the sophisticated and sparkly Mother of the Bride Necklace. The lustre of both the real and the faux pearls plays beautifully against the sparkle of the crystal. These are truly elegant earrings, perfect for any Mother of the Bride or Groom. And with their neutral tones, they could easily be worn at less formal occasions.
Silver, crystal and pearl drop earrings in neutral shades of grey and cream.

But not all is as it seems to be: there's something a little bit unusual about these earrings. The flower component with the inset crystal is actually a box clasp! With one loop at the top and one loop at the bottom of the clasp, it is ready-made to be connected to the other components. I just love it when components can be used in different ways!
Box clasp earrings inspiration sheet.

But back to the jewellery. This is the coordinating set: sparkly, elegant and perfect for Mother of the Bride or Groom. With its subtle colour, this set would even be lovely for a bride.
Pearl drop and crystal necklace and earrings set in neutral tones of grey.

How to Make the Lustrous Pearl and Crystal Earrings

Shopping List

Here's what you'll need to recreate these easy earrings:
2 11x8mm Lt Grey Swarovski glass pearl teardrops
4 5mm white Keshi pearls - centre drilled
2 Clear 8mm Swarovski crystal rondelles
2 10-12mm Flower-shaped silver box clasps with inset crystal (these are similar)
2 Crystal encrusted silver earring wires
2 Beadalon silver plated ball head pins

Tools: flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, flush cutters.

String a teardrop, rondelle and two Keshi pearls on a head pin.
Head pin strung with teardrop pearl, rondelle and Keshi pearls

Bend the head pin just above the pearls using flat nose pliers.
Bending the head pin at a 90° angle above the pearls.

Trim the head pin to 8mm (5/16").
Trimming the excess head pin with flush cutters.

Turn a simple loop with round nose pliers.
A simple loop turned on the round nose pliers.

Open the loop sideways with chain nose pliers and hook on the box clasp. Close the loop.
Hooking the box clasp onto the loop of the beaded component

If your earring wire has a closed loop, use flush cutters to cut the loop of the earring wire open.
Using flush cutters to cut open the loop of the earring wire.

Open the loop sideways and hook on the other end of the box clasp.
Hooking the earring wire loop through the loop of the box clasp.

Close it again with chain nose pliers.
Closing the loop of the earring wire with chain nose pliers.

 Now make a matching earring with the remaining components.

As you can see, this is a quick design to put together, and yet the end result is a stunning pair of earrings that will add a touch of glamour to any special occasion. But why not also make the coordinating and very glamourous crystal and pearl necklace? It's an absolute show-stopper!

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Pearl and Crystal drop earrings inspiration sheet

'Til next time.....

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  1. Love how you made these component work for you! The earrings are stunning. I'm definitely sharing this. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing it, Hope - I really appreciate it.
    I love it when jewellery components can be versatile like this. In this instance, the box clasps were a substitute for a vintage crystal component that I really wanted to use but I with only one of them in my stash so I had to find an alternative..... and the box clasps were a good solution.


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