Thursday, April 2, 2020

How to Mix Resin Without Bubbles

One of the biggest challenges when working with resin is bubbles.

There are plenty of ways to deal with them if you have any in your project. If you're looking for tips on how to do that, here's a post that shows you 7 Ways to Eliminate Bubbles From Your Resin.

But what about eliminating them right from the outset?
Gloved hand holding a small plastic cup filled with clear, bubble-free resin

Is it possible to mix resin WITHOUT incorporating bubbles into the mix?

One sure-fire way to minimise bubbles is to mix the resin slowly. But even still, no matter how slowly you mix it, you're likely to end up with some bubbles.


Ditch the wooden stir stick! Yes, that's right... ditch it! Wooden stir sticks are a major cause of bubbles being introduced to the resin during mixing.
Bundle of wooden popsicle sticks with a red circle and cross overlayed on top

Whilst your stirring technique will definitely have an effect on the amount of bubbles that you get, many of the bubbles that occur when you're mixing resin are caused by the rough surface and the cellular nature of the wooden stir stick. The resin penetrates the cells in the wood and displaces that air back into the resin. And the slightly rough surface of the stick also causes bubbles to form as it's stirred through the resin.

So instead of using a wooden stir stick to mix your resin, switch to a polypropylene (PP) mixing wand. The smooth surface of the plastic glides through the resin and mixes it without introducing bubbles.
Stirring the resin with a plastic stirring wand

You will still have to stir the resin slowly whilst mixing but you'll notice a dramatic decrease in the number of bubbles you've stirred in during mixing.

So YES, you can mix resin without bubbles... the secret is in what you stir it with!

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Happy Resining!

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  1. Small details, but that makes the difference. Thanks for the tip Dearest Myléne.

    1. You're welcome, Luis. I hope you find that making the switch to PP stirrers makes a BIG difference to your resin mixing!

    2. Where does one find the PP stirrers? I'm a Newby with much to learn.

    3. Hi Barb, Welcome to the world of resin. We all start out at the beginning :)
      There's a link in the post that you can source PP stirrers from:
      You'll find the 5" stirrers easier to use than the shorter version.

  2. What a simple, yet incredible way to improve a task... thank you!


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