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10 Fun Silicone Moulds for Resin Beginners to Try

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What CAN'T you make with resin? It seems the possibilities are endless!

Every day, there are new and FUN mould designs to try.

If you like working on small projects, then you'll love this selection of pint-sized designs that pack a punch!

These moulds are large enough that you can get really creative with them but small enough that they don't take too much resin. Imagine all the amazing gifts you can make by personalising them. What great stocking stuffers they will make!

So, let's go shopping!

Alphabet Letters

Who doesn't like to show off the initials of their name?!

Personalise these alphabet letters with your favourite colours and then attach your initial to a keyring.

Resin letters spelling SAND filled with sand, starfish and goldleaf with a transparent blue background


Bookworms can never have enough bookmarks. These are thin enough to slide into the pages of a favourite novel and yet thick enough to hold a pressed flower. 
Bonus: You also get a set of tassels to dangle from the end.
Dried petal resin bookmark with a pink tassel laying on an open book with a daisy and a key


This project will take a bit more resin but it made the list because the individual pieces are small.

Dominoes are fun to play... 
but even more so when they're personalised with your favourite sports team's colours... 
...or filled with metal leaf... or sparkly glitter... or pressed flowers.

Trendy Boutique Style Jewellery

The sky is the limit with jewellery designs. 
Match your jewellery to your favourite outfits for a really hip look. These trendy designs are big, bold and make a statement!
3 pairs of geometric shaped black and gold glitter resin earrings

Geometric Coasters

These awesome coasters have a lip around the edge to make sure you always place your cup in the centre. 

There's no end to the way you can decorate a resin coaster. But how fun would it be to fill a coffee coaster with coffee beans or a beer coaster with bottle caps?!!

Pink and purple chameleon hexagonal resin coasters with reverse 3D bubble effect

Wind Chimes

Windchimes are mesmerising to watch as they gently twirl... especially when you made them yourself with resin! 

Use translucent dyes in each of the circles and it will throw coloured reflections on the wall as it catches the light.

Tip: Resin windchimes are best hung inside, out of direct sunlight so they don't yellow.

Mickey Mouse Phone Grips

Fun AND practical!
Who doesn't love Mickey and Minnie!
These pop sockets will bring out your inner child.

The moulds already have a pre-formed hole so it's easy to turn into a keychain. 
Bonus: it comes with 10 keychains and 4 pop sockets 

Notebook Covers

This mould takes personalised notebooks to a whole new level!
Design your own covers filled with glitter, charms, sea shells or dried flowers.  

Want to buy extra binder rings? Find them here.

Badge Reels for Nurses

Healthcare professionals, this one is for you.

How fun are these shapes?!! They are guaranteed to bring a smile to your patients' faces.
Cast them in bright primary colours or add glitter for sparkle. 

Christmas Ornaments

If you love glitter, then you NEED this set of moulds ... you can never overdo the sparkle at Christmas!

This set of holiday ornaments has a variety of sizes so not only do they make great tree ornaments, but they are also the perfect finishing touch to add to a beautifully wrapped gift. 
4 Christmas bell resin ornaments in gold, red and white, featuring red and clear crystals

Want to save this list to your device for later? Then download it here.

Okay, now you've got your moulds sorted. Next, you need the RIGHT resin for your projects. To get the best results, choose one that will cure extra hard (thin items and softer resin = failed projects).

Here's one that will give you good results in even the thinnest of moulds.

Happy Resining!

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