Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bead Rationell - before and after

Lately, I've been feeling so cluttered and disorganised! Look at the inside of one of my bead drawers - no order, hard to find what I'm looking for, and a bit of a tangle. Unfortunately, most of my bead drawers look like this so it's time to bring some order to the chaos of the contents.

I have some fabulous Effektiv drawer units which I've posted about before (alas, they are no longer available). Some house my stamps and papers and others house my beads and findings - and that's where I'm at, at the moment.
I finally came to the conclusion that I need dividers to help organise this drawer and so off I went to Ikea to see what I could find. There were a couple of options such as the dividers designed to fit into the Effektiv drawers but I took a chance on the Rationell cutlery tray and it fits perfectly inside the drawers.... There is even a slot at the front of the drawer that the lip of the tray slides into and there is enough overhang on the sides to support the rest of the tray! Neat, but the drawback is that you don't make the most of the depth of the drawer.... there is about a 3cm gap underneath the tray just going to waste so I decided to trim away the side edges with a stanley knife and now it sits flat on the bottom of the draw. A good solution at just under $4!

And here it is neatly organised.......chaos into order! I'm pretty pleased with the result and I have to say that this has been one of the easiest organising tasks I've undertaken so far.

I still have a lot of tidying and organising to do in my studio, but with a bead drawer that I can now find my beads in, I think I'll reward myself with some time to make something!

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