Friday, October 3, 2008

Snap & Fit drawer inserts

Whilst I was out on my search for dividers to fit my Effektiv drawer units earlier this week I came across a nifty product at Spotlight called Snap & Fit.
This is a clever idea - you bend the plastic strip at the length you want and it snaps - no knife required! Then create your dividers by slotting the horizontal pieces into the vertical ones.
It only takes minutes to design and put together custom made compartments for all your bits and pieces.......
My "before" picture looks much like the one I posted about a couple of days ago so no need to show you more of the disorganisation but the "after" pic certainly looks good!

The plastic lengths are a bit flimsy until you begin to construct the dividers and I found that it's good to create small to medium sized compartments to give the whole thing more strength - it is after all only 2mm thick so it has a tendency to bow if you overfill the compartments.

Each pack has six 49.5cm lengths and after putting together the dividers for this drawer I still had a couple of lengths left over to make a start on another drawer so for just under $10 I reckon that's pretty good value.

Wow, who knew organising could be such fun!

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