Thursday, January 1, 2009

A bit of New Year fun!

After the hectic Christmas period, I've found some time in the last few days to play around with resin again. I really love making these bangles and I have a couple of new moulds that I've been busting to use - a flat bangle and a flat ring.

I've been wanting to create some pastel coloured pieces for a while so that's where I started..... a lovely shade of mint green using the flat bangle and matching ring mould. The marbling I'd been hoping for didn't quite happen but I love the little bit of marbling that did occur.... such a pretty shade of mint!Here are the others I finished this week:Pretty pastel pink and translucent red.

A spotted translucent orange which has a lovely golden glow.

And this, my last piece for 2008. I decided to have a little fun with this photo and used a prop to add some colour.... love the effect.The bangle is actually clear and is filled with gold leaf but I love the pink glow from the LEDs in the base of the glass - a fun look for New Year's Eve!

We'll be starting the count down here shortly, so that's it from me for 2008..... I'm off to see the New Year in. I hope that you enjoy your celebrations this evening and that 2009 brings you happiness and success in all that matters to you. See you in the New Year........

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  1. I am in love Mylene!!! Especially with that orange one. mmmmmmmmm!!!
    I have no concept of how you make these...but i love them!
    Do you have them for sale?

  2. Hi Julz!
    Yes, all my bangles are available for sale. I'll contact you via your website and we can go from there
    :) Myléne

  3. Happy New Year Mylene!
    I JUST started reading the latest Stamping & papercraft, and found YOU in it - I just love the Cuttlebug/Acetate/Alchohol inks idea - you are really innovating there.
    Just thought I'd say Hooray for You!


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