Friday, January 16, 2009

Ringing (and bangling) in the New Year!

How quickly the Christmas break came and went!

We saw the New Year in with a bang.... we were like little kids and let off a whole bag of those little poppers with the pretty streamers inside - we popped the lot! We also popped a couple of champagne corks because bubbles are just plain fun! And what better way to ring in the New Year than with fun and laughter. Unfortunately that also signalled the end of the holidays and we were back to work a couple of days later. But I put those last couple of days to good use and had fun casting resin bangles and rings.

Firstly, a fluoro yellow Geo bangle and a wide flat ring. What a fun colour! I've buffed this one to a high polish to show off its translucence but it also made the bubbles more noticeable (argh!..... contamination!). But WOW, how the colour pops?!!

Here's the second bangle and ring I poured - a turquoise cuff and matching ring.
I just LOVE this colour. The photo hasn't quite picked up the true colour of the turquoise - in real life it's a little more green and also a little more translucent. But it's still gorgeous!

And then a black and chocolate bangle which, in places, even looks like tiger fur. It was meant to be faux tortoise shell but I got rather heavy handed with the black pigment - didn't even come close to the look I was after but it did produce some interesting feathering! I think this colour combination is worth experimenting with some more. Hmmm..... fun for another day!

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