Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dramatic Black

Well, if ever two things were made for each other, then it would have to be Friendly Plastic and resin.

Over the weekend I had a bumper Friendly Plastic session and knocked out 8 of my specialty pens, 9 Friendly Plastic tile components for 2 bracelets and a variety of smaller marbled pieces all combining Friendly Plastic and resin. I also cast 4 bangles. I have never been so productive! So expect to see a few of these items over the coming days as I have time to assemble and finish them all. In the meantime, here's a teaser:
The butterfly pieces were cast in the Krafty Lady domino mould using black as the base and clear resin to embed the butterflies. The butterflies are made from Friendly Plastic using a variation on Liz Welch's flower technique. So dramatic yet so delicate! These will most likely become pendants on elegant but simple gold chains.

The middle piece shows how you can combine "fracture and fusion" strips with other materials to create unique pieces of jewellery. This one uses a transparency overlay cut to exactly the same size as the heart bezel it sits in to add instant pizzazz to the Friendly Plastic strips.

This idea has lots of potential and I'll definitely be exploring it further but you know, I was educated in the school that said you never wear silver and gold together and yet combining metallic colours, in this case gold and silver, can produce some really stunning results. And I like this piece so much that I think it will remain in my own collection.

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  1. I like your overlay idea Mylene, that is great. You are sooooo neat and tidy.


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